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The Ultimate Dinosaur Wiki is a dinosaur wiki that anyone can edit. Only Mesozoic stuff can be on the wiki. Hope you like this wiki, the wiki's aim is to become the biggest dinosaur wiki ever!!


Dinosaurs were homed to perfection by 165 million years of evolution, into beasts like T-rex, Triceratops and Ankylosaurus. They first evolved 230 million years ago, with small, metre long carnivores. 150 million years ago the land was dominated by dinosaurs, especially the massive long-necked Sauropods. 65 million years ago, just before the extinction of the dinosaurs, they were nature's finest ever creatures, putting modern animals to shame. Learn all there is to know on this wiki!


The Ultimate Dinosaur Wiki was formed recently, that's why its not very big at the moment.


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Dino News

  • In Australia three new dinosaurs have been discovered - Diamantinasaurus, Witonotitan and Australovenator. These are the best finds in Australia since Muttaburrasaurus in 1981.
  • Bauldar Bondoc is a newly-discovered dromaeosaur (raptor). It had not one but TWO sickle claws on each foot, and only two functional fingers per hand, unlike other raptors, which had three. Bauldar Bondoc is also thought to be the closest dinosaurian relative to birds.

Wiki News

19th August 2010: the Wiki is founded by the original founder, Toothless99.

22nd August 2010: Liopleurodon, the 15th and first non-dinosaur article, is created

25th November 2010: Velociraptor145 makes their first edit and is given sysop and bureaucrat rights by Toothless99

25th November 2010: Velociraptor145 becomes the new founder of the wiki.

27th November 2010: Velociraptor145 creates the 20th article on the wiki, Protoceratops!

27th November 2010: Styracosaurus Rider their first edit.

27th November 2010: Velociraptor145 gives sysop and bureaucrat rights to Styracosaurus Rider.

27th November 2010: The wiki has Logo!

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