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Plateosaurus fends off some Liliensternus

Plateosaurus was a prosauropod, from 220 million years ago. It lived at the same time as Coelophysis, however, it was too big to be threatened by it.

Fact File

Length: 8 metres

Height: 4 metres

Weight: 2 tonnes

Diet: Omnivorous


Plateosaurus was omnivorous - it ate plants and meat. Meat, however, only made up a small part of Plateosaurus' diet - it was mostly plants. Plateosaurus stood on its hind limbs to reach tree branches.

Plateosaurus feeding

Thumb spike

More famously found in Iguanodon, Plateosaurus also had a thumb spike for fending off predators. The spike could also be used to pull up roots.

Popular Media

Plateosaurus featured in Walking With Dinosaurs and Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular.

Plateosaurus in Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular