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Parasaurolophus was a Late Cretaceous hadrosaur. It had hundreds of teeth in its mouth to grind up plant food, like all hadrosaurs. It is also known as one of the the 'duck-billed' dinosaur.


Fact File

Length: 12 metres

Height: 5 metres

Weight: 2.5 tonnes

Diet: Herbivorous


Parasaurolophus was a plant eater. It had hundreds of teeth to mash up the tough plant material it ate. If a tooth fell out, a new one would quickly grow in its place. Parasaurolophus lived in herds, so while some ate, others could be on the lookout for

A Parasaurolophus

predators such as T-Rex. Parasaurolophus could feed on two or four legs.

The Crest

Parasaurolophus' most extraordinary feature was its head crest. On the outside it was a metre long, but inside, tubes looped round and round again, forming a total tube length of 2.5 metres. The function of these tubes would be similar to a trombone today - sound travels round the tubes to create a low frequency sound that can travel for miles. This sound was used for communication, such as warning the herd of an approaching predator.

Popular Culture

Parasaurolophus in the Jurassic Park franchise

Parasaurolophus, due to its attractive head crest, appears in many media. It is a recurring character in the Jurassic Park series, appearing in all 3 movies.