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Linheraptor is a raptor (dromaeosaur), from present-day China, and would have lived in the Late Cretaceous.

Linheraptor exquisitus

Fact File

Length: 1.8 metres

Weight: 25 kg

Diet: Carnivorous

Discovery and Naming

Linheraptor was discovered in Mongolia, in 2008 by Jonah Choiniere. Linheraptor went on to be named after the area it was found - Linhe. Only one skeleton has been found, however,

The skull of a Linheraptor

this is a fairly complete one. It was named Linheraptor exquisitus by Xu Xing and his colleagues in 2010.


Linheraptor is a small, bird-like theropod, and is thought to have preyed on small ceratopsians, like Protoceratops. Linheraptor was a fast and agile predator, with an elongated skull, curved neck, and a big claw on the second toe. It was bipedal, with a long tail for balance when running and hunting, because it was carnivorous.