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Diplodocus is one of the most famous Sauropods, many people know it as 'Dippy'.


Fact File

Length: 27 metres

Height: 10 metres

Weight: 10 tonnes

Diet: Herbivorous

London Natural History Museum

Inside the entrance to the London Natural History Museum is a massive Diplodocus skeleton. It is probably one of the most famous skeletons in the UK. It just shows how massive Diplodocus really was.

The Diplodocus skeleton at the entrance to the London Natural History Museum


Diplodocus was a herbivore, and so it ate plants. To fill its massive tummy it had to eat lots. It could do this by reaching trees without moving, using its long neck. However, eating a lot meant producing a lot of gas, not to mention it all has to come out the other end!


Diplodocus' main defence against Allosaurus was size. It grew almost three times as big as Allosaurus. If it was attacked, though, it could lash out with its whip-like tail, or even hit the Allosaurus with its head.

Diplodocus, showing its whip tail