Carnotaurus was an abelisaur from the Late Cretaceous of South America.It is notable for its horns vaguely resembling a bull's,hence its name,which means "meat eating bull".Carnotaurus lived in what is now Argentina during the Mid to Late Cretaceous. It was discovered by José F. Bonaparte in 1985, who has uncovered many other South American dinosaurs.

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Carnotaurus was a theropod with a bulldog-like head and small brow knobby horns over its head.It had a small skull, a thick chest, and a thin tail.It is also characterized by its unusually long neck.Carnotaurus' arms were very small,had four fingers and lacked claws.When compared to their body size,Carnotaurus' arms were smaller even than those of T-rex.Carnotaurus may have had a thing for bling: It wore a backward-pointing spike on the back of each of its four-fingered “hands” like modern-day jewelry.Carnotaurus measured up to 8 meters long and weighed 2.5 tonns.It was a carnivore like other theropods but its jaw was among the weakest.It may have been a scavenger or had a unnique hunting strategy.Carnotaurus lacked feathers but instead was covered in small rows of bumps like those of crocodiles.

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