Argentinosaurus is a massive South American Sauropod from the Early Cretaceous.

Fact File

Height: 20 metres


Length: 40 metres

Weight: 100 tonnes

Diet: Herbivorous

These are actually estimates based on the size of other sauropods, as not much of Argentinosaurus has been recovered - only a few vetebrae and an incomplete femur. But from the size of the bones we can easily see it was huge.


Argentinosaurus could have used its long neck to reach into to thick forests and munch the leaves on trees. This monster would need to eat at least twenty hours a day to satisfy its nutritional needs. It could also use its long neck to reach swamp plants - the dinosaur stands on solid ground, and stretches its neck out over the swamp to get to swamp plants.


Argentinosaurus would have been prey to the biggest carnivore to walk on land - Giganotosaurus. However, Giganotosaurus would

Giganotosaurus vs Argentinosaurus.jpg
Giganotosaurus attacking a young Argentinosaurus
have had to hunt in packs to bring down just one Argentinosaurus. Even so, a fully-grown, healthy adult Argentinosaurus would have been nearly invincible.

Discovery and Naming

Argentinosaurus means 'Argentina Lizard', and no surprise it was found in Argentina. However, its true name meaning is 'silver lizard', as the country Argentina is derived from the latin word argentum.

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