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Allosaurus was a vicious Late Jurassic predator. Its name means 'different lizard', referring to its S-shaped neck - this shape of neck was previously unknown in the dinosaur world.

An Allosaurus

Fact File

Length: 11-12 metres

Height: 3 metres

Weight: 2-4 tonnes

Diet: Carnivorous


Allosaurus was the apex predator of the Late Jurassic. It would of preyed on Stegosaurus and other Sauropods. When hunting saurop

Allosaurus hunting Stegosaurus

ods, it would have attacked in a pack, and targeted the young, old, weak and sick. When hunting Stegosaurus, it may have attacked alone, however, the spikes were still very dangerous. When they were younger, Allosaurus may have hunted Dryosaurus and Ornitholestes.


Allosaurus lived 155 to 145 million years ago, in the Kimmeridgian and Tithonian stages of the Late Jurassic Period. Dinosaurs living at the same time include Stegosaurus and Brachiosaurus.

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